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Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Completing a self-assessment tax return can be quite a long process. Whatever you submit to HMRC should be done so with complete accuracy. However, for many business owners, the only time they have to submit their return is after hours. The issue with submitting a return after a long day is that it will likely lead to mistakes. This could then lead to more stress down the line.

However, you can remove the stress of this with a service that can prepare, complete and submit your self-assessment on your behalf. These days, you can even sign these forms electronically! This will mean no need for stacks of paper cluttering your desks!

With the help of financial services, you can relax knowing your return will be submitted in time for the due date. Of course, this will only be the case if you do your part and hand over the necessary information with enough time to spare. This means no need to worry about late payment penalties.

Take the stress out of self-assessment tax returns

If you have ever filled out a self-assessment form, you will be aware of the stress that comes with it. It can be exhausting having to rummage through endless forms, draining your time and energy. This is why it helps to have the help of a finance and accounting service to take on the hassle. That way, you can focus your energy on what matters most – your business!

Obtain full peace of mind and eliminate the risk of costly tax investigations

Something you really don’t want to face is prosecution and hefty fines. Given the fact that you only file your tax returns only once a year, it wouldn’t be surprising if you forget the process each time you do it. Therefore, mistakes could happen, costing your business quite a bit. By handing over your tax returns to the experts eliminates the risk of stressful investigations that could result in penalties.

Save time and money

If you were to take the reigns and complete your self-assessment without any assistance, how long do you think this will take? Think about how this will impact your business and hourly rate. It won’t be difficult to see how the costs of completing a self-assessment along can add up. After all, time is money! By employing a qualified, expert accountancy company, you will save time and money.

Let F&C Accountants and Tax Advisers take the weight of your self-assessment tax returns

If you run your own business or work freelance and are looking for assistance with your tax returns in Stockport, F&C Accountants and Tax Advisers are here to help. Get in touch to learn more about our services.

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Mike is a very knowledgeable and professional accountant. He has been my accountant for a long time.

We would highly recommend Mike and his team for their exceptional services

I highly recommend Mr Usman Nazir as an accountant. His in-depth knowledge and experience helped me immensely and with my tax return. He quickly took the stress out of the process for me and worked through my finances promptly making me savings that I would have not been able to achieve by myself. I am very thankful now to be on his books as I know now I have his experience and input for the next time making the process so much easier.

Usman is highly professional, efficient & highly knowledgeable accountant. His effective tax consultancy and accountancy services had made us save and plan tax. We highly recommend him.

Sayeed is a highly professional accountant, his effective strategy & planning saved me from paying a hefty amount of tax which I would have paid should I had not taken his advice.

I would highly recommend F&C Accountants

Highly recommended, he listens to his clients! I am extremely grateful for Usman’s sound advice and support over the last six months. I see him regularly at our networking group and one day I expressed my frustration of my then accountant. Usman offered to help with no obligation or payment, so I gave him access and I quickly realised he was going to be a great asset so I switched accountants in June this year. Usman liaised with HMRC to do a review of my accounts dating back to 2017. He kept me informed at all stages and ultimately it allowed me to free up cash to reinvest in the business. I am extremely grateful and can safely say Usman always has the client’s interest at heart and makes them feel at ease even when deadlines are due. If you are frustrated with your current accountant or you’re not getting strategic financial and business advice, I would recommend Usman in a heartbeat knowing your business growth is his primary objective. Thank you Usman, I am forever grateful and will continue to highly recommend you and your team!

I have been a client of Usman’s for many years. He is very professional and reliable always responds quickly to my queries. I can highly recommend his accountancy services.

Yes this chap has helped me with my accounts and has done a fantastic job Well recommended Very pleased with the outcome